Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two binkis and a microphone

Well last night went pretty good. She slept most of the might. Woke up about 3 and Joe and I did a hand holding shift change. She did do some projectial puking on joe as well last night. She did suck down a big bottel of apple juice early this morning and brest fed as well. I been giving her bottels too because it's just uncomfortable for her to move alot. She swelling is still increasing and is begaing to burse. She can still see a tiny bit out of one eye. We were reading a book and she was pointing to the eyes when I asked her to. She is getting active and playing with her toys too. She really likes the light on her finger. I think she thinks she is at a baby rave when she swings it around. Well she is on pain meds. As yesterday they are keeping ahead of her pain so she comfortable. You know Purna is feeling good when she has one binki in her mouth and swinging the other are. And we even got so suto degawls. For thoughts of you that don't know what the degawls are is her made up word she says all the time when she is having fun. So she was performing a bit.

She has most all of her lines out of her except the drain tub in her head and an IV in her foot and hand. She looked like and octopus with what she started with.

We got moved out of icu to a bigger better recovery room because her moving alot well. We have to clean her "200" stitches 5 times a day. They are still weeping some but not bad.

Well the Purna is sleeping so I'm going to try to sleep running on an hour and half sleep from last night. It's just too hard to sleep. Im posting some shots of her and they are sad to look at but I know some of you want to know how she is looking. Don't worry we have not gave purna a mirror. It's hard to tell with the swelling and in these shots but she now has a perfect round cemetrical forhead.
I'll talk with you all later this afternoon.

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  1. What an angel...she really looks good even with a little swelling...she'll be running you around in circles before you know it...


  2. Sweet Purna, fantastic she's in good spirits! She's beautiful!

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am glad to hear she made it thru well and is on her way to recovering just as good! I love you put this blog up for everyone to see... you made me cry though reading all the way thru. I only hope for the best for all of you.

  4. she's such a beautiful little girl! she'll be up and running you and daddy around in no time!! in my thoughts and prayers!!! Jessica

  5. Heather and Joe .....We are so proud of you.Some of your comments are so filled with God! Parents are sometimes called to show the world true love and real courage. Sometimes the outcome is not what we hope for. Sometimes the outcome is better than we could ever imagine. It is through times and circumstances like these that our love is tempered like gold in fire. The fire part is not so fun, but the pure gold is priceless.
    Sharla and I are very proud of you and please know that we love you. We just found out about Purna and we read the posts this evening. Needless to say, we cried a bucket of tears and this brought back many memories to us.