Friday, July 16, 2010

Peacful Purna

Clearly I am the first one to realize that Purna has a binki addiction. We are going to seek some prefessional help when she is fully healed and wants to stop for herself and not us. I think we might have to go on the show intervention. I'll tell you what though, seeing my little peacful Purna sleeping comfortably away is the best feeling ever!

She is feeling great and this makes me feel amazing. She still has swelling on her eyes and they are still a bit brused. They are still pulled quite tight, again due to the swelling and stiches in her eyes. They are also still pretty uneven. The doctor did tell us this was normal and as they healed they will become more even. If they don't loosen up I'm going to see about a discount on the surgery. Don't worry they will. Alot of her stiches are still breaking free. Its like the Hulk ripping his shirt off but is Purna's brain busting the stiches because its getting so big and smart. Her cut just looks better every day. Her little healing cells are just go go go 24 4 7. She is still eating really well and nursing is back to normal. Here is my theory on why she was not nursing well. When she sucks I can see her soft spot on her head move in and out a bit. I think there proably was some type of suction pressure in her head that did not feel good. She would start and then and then quickly stop. Now that she is healed a bit is not a problem. Who knows I'm just glad she is back to eating. She has some weight to put back on.

We went on a after dinner neiborhood walk this evening. She loves that because as we all know Purna is a very skilled pointer. There were many things that were point worthy on our walk tonight. Purna did go in her pajamas, hope the neibors did not mind I mean it's not like we went to Walmart in our pajamas. And no I was not in my pajamas.

I'm pretty sure all this "new" room in Purna's head for her brain has already made her much smarter. We now have a new fun trick she can do. It's called "wash your hands" she has been watching all of us day in and out sanitize our hands and now when we do it she copies us. She will rub her hand together like she to is washing her hands. Not to be confused with "start a fire" this is a completely different trick. I'm pretty sure she learned to "copy" from her dad. I'm now very excited about all the tricks she will be doing. Also she is finaly starting to do some of the sign Languge I taught her. The sign for finished is puting your hands up and twist your wrist. She is now doing this sign as soon as I put her dinner bowl down when were "finished " or when she is "finished" eating. And she has now figured out that she can be "finished" with alot of things she dose not want to do like diaper changes and cleaning her head.
I'm always looking forward to what new things she is going to do tomorrow.

Never to young to appreciate shoes.

Bath time in the kitchen sink.

You can see in this shot how her eyes still have healing to do and are still uneven.I'm not really sure how close to even they will get.

I'm going super blogger and adding video. This is two of Purnas tricks in one video.

YouTube Video

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  1. What a little doll!! I love the video...and love the shoes by the way :). Purna looks so good. Cant wait for you to get back to your own bed in Red Bluff. Thanks for sharing the new "tricks" cute.

  2. Oh boy now you get to share your shoes. :) I still say she is the most amazing little girl. What a cutie! We call can't wait to see you. It was great getting to see Joe last night. It makes you see things are getting back to normal. We miss you! Love Jen

  3. Thanks for sharing the wonderful video of Purna! It was so fun to see how she washes her hands and all done! Have a great day! Love ya, JT & Mari

  4. The video is so cute! I love Purna's cute little hair do too. Thanks for posting the video. She looks great. Thinking about you guys everyday.

  5. With those hand rubbing skills, she's just a few steps away from being a blackjack dealer. I can show her the ropes when she's a little older. It was great to see Joe at soccer last night. He was a lil' rusty though (hehe). Can't wait for the two of you girls to get home next week! I think Ferruccio is waiting for you guys to get back (against my orders).
    See you soon!

  6. I vote for more video footage!!!! Made my day to see her happy little smile and hear her voice. LOVE it!!

  7. I love the video. Please do one a day for all her fans. What a treat to see her doing so well. It says so much more than pictures. I guess Joe is back to town? Where is Purna going to sleep? Slader too just started signing "all done." That surgery must have made her smarter since Slader is 8 months older than Purna. Keep sending more video. I would like to hear and degawl gabber please. Only if you are taking requests. SHelly

  8. Loved the video! Purna Pie is looking better and better each day. We can't wait to see you both in person again. It was good to see Joe Friday night. We have missed our favorite members of the Lakeside river hood! Keep up the good nurturing and nursing Heather. You are an amazing, incredible mother the way you have fought so hard to save your baby. XOXOXOXO's from Babs, E & your E's Vine fans