Monday, July 19, 2010

Purna's Peeps

These are Pruna's peeps. They have the same doctor as Purna so they were hanging today talking about they heads. These adorable little girls are Brents (very good friend of ours who loves Purna dearly) neices. They came over today to show Purna their new helmets and Purna wanted to show them her scar. Purna loves other kids and babies so she had a great time with the twins.

Purna hung home today again and just relaxed. Not alot of napping going on that's for sure. It's 9 o'clock now and she is still up parting. I think she is all hopped up on antibiotics. She is playing roll golf ball and yell into cup. I want her to play close your eyes... Night night. Did not get her to bed tell ten.

The good news is her cut is looking pretty good. Alot less red then yesterday. Nine more days of hiding her meds in her food. She was a good girl today. We took two walks one in morning and one after dinner. She really enjoys this. Doing just great.

She just has a tiny spot of bruse left on her face. By the time she gets home only the inside healing will be left. In about six weeks the bones in her face should be pretty suck together and solid. Apperently babies bones heal very fast. It will take about two years though for the gap in her skull to close. I feel like she needs a little bike helmet for play time. I'm very nervous for her to fall. She can't take a wack to the head like other babies her age. But she is not the first baby to have this done and they get threw it, we just have to be carful for a while. She will be just fine. Well I have less and less to report each day. This means good things for Purna.

Another point with convition by Purna. To bad this is not an Olympic sport. Just look at her form and finger postion. And the foucus come on!

Purna checking out the helmet wishing she had one too. She loves her new cute buddies.

Another "thiller" of a video clip. Get ready! I tried for some degawls in this footage. I got some but not her finest performance.

YouTube Video

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  1. No news is good news right! ;)
    I am so happy that she is doing so well...glad to see she made some new little friends! All of her Red Bluff peeps are anxiously awaiting her return too! :) Ryan looks at the blog with me every day and yesterday he said, "Remember when we went to Purna's house and she was poking me in the eye! That was funny huh mommy!" LOL!!
    I hope you all have a great day! Hugs to you all!
    Love, Courtney

  2. I can't believe that her post-op appointment is tomorrow! She has come so far since her surgery. I can't wait to hear what the doctor's say and for you safe return back to RB.
    XoXo, Elena

  3. Hope that Purna's post op appointment went well today! Love reading her blog and seeing her beautiful little face! Here's to being back home in Red Bluff soon! Love, Mar

  4. Good luck at your post opp tomorrow my little cousin! You are a baby Rock Star! Love you!! xxoo