Sunday, July 11, 2010

Public Purna

I know Purna is starting to feel kinda like her old self when she is sleeping she turns into kungfoo Panda. She rolls to and fro and it does not seem to bother her head. She is sleeping between Joe and I ( yes I know again) because she is waking up alot in the night and need some comforting. She woke up last night and crawled up on Joe chest and went night night. At first I felt a little cheated on but then realized all the room I had in the bed and quickly got over it. It was pretty cute. I think she is doing pretty good on the pain level. She is only taking the "hard" stuff twice a day. She is on Tylenol about every 5 hours or so though. I think she feels alot of presure in her head. She is always rubbing her nose and eyes. Her swelling is going down quite fast now. Even from when she wakes up to when she goes to sleep. Her left eye is still a bit more swollen but the other one is way more brused. She is peeing alot to get all he fluid out. She is still not back to her fighting weight yet. She must of put on like two pounds. It was weird to hold her and be so heavy.
She still is nursing a bit but has not been super intrested. I think she might be on protest or somthing so she has been getting some bottels. She ate her breakfast and lunch really good and then dinner was a different story. Think she either ate to much or her tummy did not like what she ate because it all came shooting out exorcist style. But then she starting clapping so I think it was just to much to fast and did not seem to bother her. Were going to cut it back for breakfast. She had her first public outing today to some good friends house. She did just fine and had a good time. I think we will shoot for one little outing a day. When she gets tried I think she hurts more.
She defentaly does not like taking ANY of her meds. This makes her very upset. I think she has flash backs of being in the hospital and wants to fight anything and anyone. She also really really hates geting her head cleaned. Good thing we have to do it five times a day. This is enough for her that if she could she would pack up her diaper bag and hit the road.
But all and all another good day. She has her post opp appt next Wednesday on the 21. I plan on taking her picture and reporting each day of the recovery tell then. I think this will be intresting for her to see when he is older.I'm going to print them all out and bind them together so she has a jornal of these weeks she will not want to remeber. Purna still pushing on today with more dancing pointing and degawls. We did get some quality degawls today so that was nice to her. She is sleeping away tonight next to daddy. Night night my perfect Purna..

Purnas cousin came to town to make she was getting all better.. Thank you Chalene for coming to see me and make sure I'm feeling good and hold me while we dance. I love you

Check me out... I see you


Look I put cloths on for the first time In about a week. Big day!

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  1. Great pics...isn't it amazing how quickly kids can bounce back? I would still be laying in that hospital bed begging for more morphine. They would have to cuff me to the bed just to get me to stop hitting the "pain meds button"....
    Purna is looking so much more like herself now. And a public outing..that is huge. I bet you are slowly feeling more and more relief as parents. She is Perfect Purna. And I have to agree with Babs' last comment. Every time I read your blogs I was crying. Now I am smiling. Along with so many others I thank you again for including us. Sweet Dreams Baby girl. Tomorrow is an even better day......Love, Kristin Morris

  2. I love the updates! What a trooper. All of u! She's adorable. She will love the binder you're putting together for her...that's priceless! Take care! Thoughts n prayers ~Jessica

  3. So happy for Purna's degrawls! You should recore her when she does this so we can hear her! She's definitely earned the title "Purna Princess Warrior"! Happy that you are able to be "out and about" with your precious baby girl! Keep those updates coming! Love ya, Aunt Mari & Uncle JT

  4. Awwww Purna! You are beautiful! You go precious little girl! Someday Lilly and I will share our black eyes photos with you. We are all looking forward to seeing you in person but the pics sure are helping to keep us all from worrying so much about you. What a journey you have all been through but the outcome is so worth it! Have a great day today, Purna Pie, and keep healing and dancing! Love, Babs, E & your E's fans

  5. Yay, Purna- it there's any consolation in all of this it's that she won't remember it.... and I love how they just don't even have a mentality to dwell on not feeling well! Also, just a side-note on the nursing thing: it's very common at this age for kiddos to act like they aren't interested and to only nurse for short stints. Your milk supply starts to decrease but the 'potency' increases so they get "more for their money", it's nature's way of making your milk grow with them since they are so busy, they drink less but they are still getting lots of nutrition from it- don't be worried that she's weaning herself like I did, it's totally normal!

  6. I just can't get enough of that happy little face! I am in awe of that little girl...she's amazing, and so are her mommy and daddy!
    Love, Courtney

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  8. I thought I was the only one that puked exorcist style and clapped..... Are you telling me she already knows how to PUKE-N-Rally after too much medication? That a girl Punna.....Love you guys!

  9. Wow, you guys! Glad to see that everything is coming along. My thoughts are with you guys and can't wait to see her runnning and playing like none of this ever happend!

  10. See is looking so good. Of course she's always beautiful. Coop is sending his love to Purna. We love you guys and can't wait for you to come home! Jenny

  11. Hi Guys, Brian & I Just got caught up On Purna I have to keep saying WOW you guys So excited that she is doing so good!! She looks amazing!
    Heather when i read the degrawls got really Choked up (YAY you know she's coming around when those come out ;) So proud of you guys BTW JOE love the Vines shirt & i think with Purna's Fans you need to do a Run of Purna Power Shirts!! You Guys are amazing Hugs & Kisses

  12. The pic of Purna in the robe is so rocky! Like, a-don'ta-messa-with-mea...LOVE Sarah Davidian