Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pointing Purna

Purna had a pretty good night last night. We held her half the night and the other half she slept in her Boppie pillow right between us. She nurused pretty good today, but our big milestone today was she did eat three meals of food. So that is a great sign she is feeling better. She has not throw up since yesterday about 6 so I think her belly is feeling way better. This morning there was alot of the old Purna coming out. I think as the day goes on she gets more tired she hurts more so morning is her best time. Her cut on her head is a bit red and bit infected. She is on antibotics so that should help. It's more swollen on one side I'm thinking maybe because that is were there is the soft spot so it could be puff from that too. Some people were asking why the cut is zig zag.. I mentioned before case you missed it, so she will not have a funny part across the top. It hides alot better under hair this way.
Her swelling is going down alot in her face. She can see way better now so this I'm sure is cuting down on her fustration. She is not scratching at her eyes as much. I thought at first is was maybe because she was ichy but I think it's that she could not see very well. Her body is still decently swollen too. She still packing some thunder in thoughs thighs and her feet are still tight. She pees alot so just takes time to get all that extra fluid out. Her right eyes is pretty burses red but I think is on the down side of the bures were is will start o turn yellow soon. She looks like she got in a bad baby bar fight. She is very tired thoughtout the day and taking alot of naps. I think my foucus for tomorrow is to start to get her scedule back. I think this will help too, if you know Purna she is like clock work. I think she will like that.

Purna had a good day though for sure. With every ounce of fluid she sheds my little baby girl is showing threw. Im just so excited to see what she is going to look like when she healed. It reallyis a weird feeling to know she will look different. Most will proably not notice a thing but our job as mommies is to know every detail about our babies inside an out. A part of me is going to miss her little stink eye (that's what we called it because is always looked like she was giving you stink eye). She was perfect how god made her but her little brain just needed more room to be smarter, if that was even possiable.

Here are some more shots of her ct scans right after surgery. I still can't belive the things we have to assist in healing us. Sorry if any of these shots freek you out but I think they are facinating. It was realy good for us to see what they really did opposed to them just telling me what they did. After all it my childs skull and she kinda needs it for a long time. It's nice to get a "proof" of what they "say" they did to her. Amazing!!!!

This is from top down, you can see how nice and round her forhead is now and she will no loner be able to see up like she use to.

Just the opposite as the one above. Looking up her face. Again nice pretty round forhead.(that is her breathing toob in her mouth by the way. She was still in la la land when they did these)

Front veiw... Freeky I know

Here is a slice scan of her brain, smart I know that's from mommy. The white circle around is her skull and the light grey is her brain. You can see the top right side were the black is is were her brain has not pushed forward yet into the new space that was created. In time it will move forward. It just shows you how much her skull was pushing on her brain. You can also see the top of her ears on the sides to help under stand what your looking at.

Another slice brain scan. You can see the wires were they tired the bones back together across her forhead. And again see the black empy space where her brain has room to grow. It's kinda like she just moved from an apartment to a nice big house.

Happy breakfast. You can really start to see the Purna coming back to action.

Nap time on papa in the sun

Thanks again for checking up on Purna and all your support. We are all feeling so relived and blessed with great family and friends. Purna also thanks all of you for her lovley flowers and blankets and gifts. So very thoughtful of you.

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  1. To see that sweet, precious little baby smile just melts my heart!!!! I am so glad she is slowly showing signs of her old self. That has to be a great feeling to see her smile. What an angel. That brings me great joy to see happiness come back into her life! May tomorrow bring so much more..
    Kristin Morris

  2. Purna is recovering so quickly because she is in the bosom of her family! You can feel the love coming from her Grandpa Joe! Thanks for posting the additonal CT scans. It helps me see what an incredible job her surgeon was able to accomplish for Purna's growth! We are sending our love and prayers from the 45th parallel in Gaylord, MI. Can you feel them? Love, Mar & JT

  3. Oh what great pics! This is the first morning I haven't had to cry my way through your posting--just smiles. Purna Pie is looking great and you all must be so relieved! Hope you are all getting some more rest. We love all of you and we are still sending waves of love power and support your way. Bonkers sends MEOWS too-- he is doing fine. You've got to talk to him about bringing his buddies home to eat though!
    XOXOXO's Babs E, & your E's Fans

  4. This is great news guys! WOW! I can't believe that just a few days ago she was actually having this surgery and now she is home and all smiles...I am so happy to see those pictures of that little happy face!! It has got to be just a huge weight off of your shoulders when you see that little smile and to know that this is over and you are on the healing side of it!! That little angel will sure have one heck of a story to tell that's for sure...what a little trooper she is! I am very proud of all three of you! :) Thanks again for all of these great updates...I know I speak for us all when I say that we have all been so thankful for the internet this passed week! It has been so awesome to be able to take this journey with you all!
    Love and hugs to you all!
    ~Courtney, Aaron, Evan and Ryan

  5. My eyes are filled with happy tears and it's not just because I'm pregnant. I love that little girl's energy and personality and I love to see it shining through the puffiness, bruises and stitches. What an amazing little angel. Thanks for sharing the scientific stuff too. It is fascinating and amazing that they can do all of that! We love you all!

    The Tomasetti's

  6. We couldn't be happier that everything is going so well! We love you all!

  7. To Purna: I miss you. Come home and play in my new sand box with me. It looks like a turtle and has a lid so the cats don't pee and poop in it because mama says that's caca if we eat poop. I will share my favorite sand shovel with you and won't get sand in your eyes since you are a baby and I am one and a half. Love Slader

  8. Joe, Heather and Purna - Craig forwarded your blog link to us and I have spent the last hour looking at the pictures and reading your posts. We send our love and prayers to you all and are so pleased all is going so well. What an amazing process and Purna is going through it will lots of love coming to her and not just from her Mommy and Daddy :) If there is anything we can do to help out, please do not hesitate to ask. She was beautiful before and now she is even more so. Remembering holding her that day at TurtleBay still brings a smile to my face. What a doll. Best to you all, Love, George and Shirley