Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The results are in...

Purna has been sleeping alot today. She is still swelling and and will do so for the rest of today and into tomorrow. She can no longer open her eyes as of her last nap. She is in a very deap slumber at the moment so when she wakes she will not be pleased she can not see. She vomited earlier after her bottel so she is still a bit sick. I will try to Brest fed her when she wakes up. Despite how bad she looks now, when she has been awake she is in good spirts. She has not really cryed just alot of winning. But we all know Purna is tuff. I'm adding the ct scans done after her surgery so you can begain to understand the skill and artistry of our surgeon. You can see how they have moved the one side of her forhead forward and she now has a "surgical soft spot" running down the side of her right side. There are perment wires that also fix the bones together. I would also like to point out, looks like she has teeth coming soon. There is also a shot from the top down showing the roundness of her forhead. Compare it to the other blog photo of her looking over her head and the right side of forhead is recessed. Anyways I shot these off the computer screen so hopefuly you can see them well enough to see what was done. This also really explains the swelling.

I got to really hold her today. I think because she can't see so she was crying and reaching to be held. It was hard to hold her before with all her lines that she had in. I layed in bed with her today and fed her to sleep. She really like that, she could just lay her head on me and go night night.

Well most of day two is behind us. One more hard day and then hopfully the swelling will stop. Again she is comfee on her pain meds.

Talk to you all this evening hopfully. Thanks again for checking in on Purna.

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  1. Wow, what a tough little cookie, when you hear stories like this is confirms that kids were built tough! What a little sweetie. Hope you can get some sleep and that day three passes quickly.- lots of love-- Carrie, Donovan and Thatcher

  2. Jed and I are glad to hear all is going well. I knew she was going to be one tough chic. ;) It's amazing what we can see with new tech. These pictures of her skull are so crazy to look at. Lots of Love, Athena and Jed.

  3. If there was ever a mother in this world who could see her baby through this it's you Ho- with tears welling I send every ounce of love to you and Joe and Sweet Strong, Lovely Purna. May this please be the hardest thing you ever have to go through in your life.

  4. Hey Heather - Looks like they did a perfect job. She looks great, I can't wait to see her this weekend to see how she's doing. Again, she is so lucky to have you and Joe there holding her precious hands and watching her say "degawls". I've been following all day, so thank you for the udates, it's obviously constantly on my mind, as is how you and Joe are doing. I know Joe is taking care of you, but who's taking care of Joe? Shakey??

    Purna has done a perfect job so far, such a brave angle, and I know she wil keep it up through all swelling and subsequent recovery. Mini high five to her.

    Love you,

  5. I can't seem to stop crying at the moment. I don't know if it is because I have such sympathy for Purna or because of the overwhelming admiration I have for you and the strong mother and woman you are. And Joe is such a fantastic father and husband to you girls. I have to say Purna is so adorable!! Even with the swelling, I just want to kiss and mush her! Know that my family is sending love and prayers your way. Zeiah says, " When you are out of the hospital, want to go to the mall? Also, can I borrow your skirt?" ha..ha.. Love you all. Onward Purna the Princess warrior!!!

  6. Lucky enough to see the Vines first hand today. As Heather writes, Purna is doing great. What a precious little girl. I was amazed by how well she was doing so soon after the surgery. I found Heather and Joe equally impressive. (I am pretty sure I would be a wreck if in their shoes. Heck I was holding emotions back just being in the room for a bit.) Heather and Joe were not only holding it together, they were solid as a ROCK. They were such a strong team and such awesome parents. What great parents and a special little girl.

  7. Purna Pie, we're sending you hugs and kisses from Red Bluff. We can't wait for you to feel good and come home to see your buddy Ferruccio be born. We're sending Mom & Dad big hugs too! You two are amazing and I'm glad that Purna has you as parents to get her through this. XoXo

  8. Heather – Thank your beautiful blog posts. They’re extraordinarily heart-felt and candid.
    I know that you and Joe have the strength to help her through it.
    It will be a quick and speedy recovery!
    Hugs and love!

  9. Joe, Ho & family-- We are all sending you our love and prayers. You have such a strong bond with family and friends and we are all sharing your worries and anxiety over precious little Purna. Thank you for the pictures. Purna's surgeons are brilliant, but I truly think God had something to do with the outcome. She looks beautiful even with her puffy little face. We can't wait to see you again in our little Lakeside hood. XoXoXo's to all of you from your family at E's