Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Presents for Purna

I'm going to say this was Purna's best day yet. The fussing has gone down a bit so Im thinking she was more comfortable today. She only had two doses of the good old Tylenol. She is for sure getting less and less pain. You have to wonder if she is getting fussy for (good reason) at frist and then figures out "hey this is working for me". Now just one short week ago she had her skull completly changed around so I'm thinking she has a lisense to do what ever she feels like right now.

When I gave Purna her bath today I for the first time put my hand flat over her cut. Wow I can feel all the plates in her skull. Very strange. You can see them under the skin. Again these will disolve with in three years so they will not be there when she is older. You can't really see them unless you are really inspecting it. But I'm glad they are there for sure. Her cut looks great, there are just two little spots that even are scabing up. Some of the stiches are even breaking and looking like they are ready to come out. She is sleeping on the sides of her head right were the cut is so I'm thinking it could not be to sensitive anymore. The top is a bit more sensitive. She dose not go completly mad like she was when we cleaned her head. Her eyes are of course a bit less swollen then the day before. She still itches at them quite a bit. At first I thought is was maybe some of the meds. But now I thinking it's the stiches in there pulling her eyes up (which will relax in time). She kinda looks like she went to hollwood for a baby face lift. She wanted to look half her age, five months.

She is eating pretty good now. I'm trying to feed her more than I usally do. I'm trying to put some junk back in her baby trunk. She still nursing ok. Could be better but has proved alot from four days ago.

Purna and Joe went shopping with me today. I was ready for some retail theraphy and not for Purna for me. So Purna hung with Joe and shoped at Best Buy. We were out for quite a few hours an not a peep out of her. She did great. Well she does love shoping and by this I mean pointing and waving at everything.
Joe and I did teach her a new trick too. She is a very skilled claper so we though we would modify it. We say to her "Purna start a fire" an then she rubs her hands together really quick like she a boyscout in the woods with no matches. We are finding this very amusing.

Here are some shots of Purna with her presents she has recived from our loveing and wonderful friends. I say this again for the millionth time all of you have been so great and really helped us threw the week. Thanks again for caring and loving our baby girl.

Thank you Lisa and Thomas, Linda and Mike, Bridget and Michel, Team Go Photo

From Purna and I very very special friend who we love some much, Nadine...and all our friends at the Seirra Cascade Logging Conference. Thank you

Don't worry she is not hurt she just did not like that I fished the leaf out of her mouth she ate. But I wanted to point out the semetry in her eyebrows. Remeber that that right one was added on in surgery from bone from another part of her skull. You can see this if you go back to the ct scans.

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  1. What a little trooper! She's looking better everyday. What a beautiful little lady! Jessica

  2. Lookin' good Purna!!!!...........KRistin

  3. Looking good Purna! Great news to start the day!!! Love you guys, the Murphys ;)

  4. Purna, looking so serene! What a beautiful little princess! Glad that you are getting out and about! Can't believe that only a week has past and what changes we can see in Purna! Take care, love ya, Mari & JT

  5. Oh great! You're going to show Lilly the "start a fire Purna" trick, and then Lilly will run, find a lighter under the bar at E's and show her how to start a real fire on the river bank. Way to go!

    I love reading the morning Purna Posts. It's better than any newspaper or magazine I could read. It's great to see her looking like her ol' Purna self.

    XoXo Elena

  6. Purna you are SO beautiful! Miss you all - Jenny

  7. Good morning Purna Pie! You look so beautiful. Your little purple spot just looks like you were playing with mommy's eye shadow! Okay, I guess I am going to have to go clean out all the matches from underneath the bar now!
    Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, healing day!!!

    XOXOXO E, Babs & E's Purna Pie fans

  8. Amazing and wonderful! Cannot believe how well Purna is doing! Love the blog, are a very funny lady. Love to all - The Shuford's

  9. 38 registerd followers! Purna Power is going viral!

    Keep the good news coming!

  10. So good to see she is healing well. You should video her making a fire that is so cute. She seems in such good spirits. Thank you Heather for posting the blog for all of your concerned family and friends. I look forward to reading it everyday. I am so amazed by Purna, what a strong little girl you guys have. She is very special and I'm so happy for her speedy recovery. I look forward to someday meeting you precious little girl. Sending my love and blessings to you. MUAH!

  11. Yay! Yay! Yay! So good to hear the ongoing news.

    Love you guys,


  12. Wow...absolutely amazing how resilient they are at that amazing young have you started writing your book Heather???

  13. Wow I am absolutely amazed at how quickly she is recovering!

  14. All of the Androws' in Livermore are wishing sweet little Purna all the best. She is so, so cute! We hope to meet her one day very soon. Love to all!

  15. These photos are so cute I can hardly stand it! Even the one where she can't eat the leaf. I miss her sooo much! I hate being in san francisco when Purna is in Portlan :( xxoo