Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playing Purna

As you can see Purna had another great day. She very active and I would even say about 90 percent back to her normal activity. She is still way more fussy then she usally is so I known she is still uncomfortably at times, right fully so. She one took Tylenol about every 6, 7 hours today so this is a good sign. Her swelling on her cut looks so good. Most all of is down. There is one spot on it that did not seem to be going down and not changing at all. I have not wanted to touch it because it very sensitive but I did today to check it. I quickly found out the it was rock sold. It was one of the plates screwd into the skull. That was werid and unexpected. The plates will be gone within like three years so the bump will not be there forever. Alot of the stiches are breaking free too. She even has litlle baby hairs starting to grow back. She hates anything touching her head so I thinking she is not going to like head bands. So sad they look so cute. Her body swelling is completly gone now and she is actully skinner. She is kinda scronny righ now. She was not eating well for many days and vomiting so I'm not surprised. She is nursing alot better now so she should gets some weight on soon enough. I think she just wanted her bikini body for the summer. Her eyes are still swollen and there is brusing still under both eyes. Her left eye is more swollen. I think it's going to take at least another week at least for all the swelling to be gone. She actully has stiches in her eyes but for the inside. If that makes sense. They have to tack he sides of the eyes in place or they will droop down. So right now it's pulled pretty tight and the swollen over top of that. This will all change and settle into place.

So if you would of told me last Tuesday night that today I would be shoping at Babies R Us with Purna I would call you &$/@ CRAZY! I really can't belive in one week what can happen. I get happier and happy every day this is father behind me. Sitting in that hospital ICU looking at Purna I would of done anything to be where I am right now laying with my baby, sleeping all better, next to me. I feel like a whole year happened in one week. To have that many emotions in such a short time can not be good for you. I'm pretty sure it took a few years off my life. Welcome to parenthood I guess.
I know there are parents out there that go threw years of what I just did for only a one week. I thank god every day for Purna's health and pray for the ones who are still fighting.

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  1. Love the new pictures, they make me happy to see how well she is doing. What an amazing little girl and her awesome parents. I hope your emotional roller coaster slows down very soon.

    Love you guys, Athena & Jed

  2. Love the all SMILES pictures of all of you! Purna looks amazing. So happy that she is feeling better and you are all getting some rest! Love ya, JT & Mari

  3. Love the pictures. It's so great to see you all smiling, from the inside out. You have an amazing strong warrior spirit in your little Purna. We think of you guys every day. So glad you are doing well.

    Love the Schnepfs

  4. Heather and Family,
    I have been following all of your postings a couple of times a day and have been so moved by your care, love and expression of feelings as you went through this with your little lady. To see her progress is truly incredible. She looks fantastic and you look so happy and relieved to have her back! Thank you so much for sharing this time with us.
    Linda Houston and Michael

  5. Happy baby + Happy Mommy = Happy Purna Followers!

    Inspiration to us all and a reminder to hug and kiss our babies tonight.

    Love- Kristin

  6. I Love you Purna Pie!!!

  7. She looks amazing! I can't believe how quickly the swelling has gone down. And, so glad to see more and more smiles! What a crazy week you've all had!

    I AM SOOOO THANKFUL FOR MY HEALTHY FAMILY and thankful that yours is heading in that direction!


  8. You all look rested and so much better. Is that really the same Purna Pie we saw last week? Wow! God really does perform miracles right in front of our eyes. Keep up the healing and rest-- you all need it. We love you and miss you.

    Babs, E & E's Vine fans

  9. She looks so great Heather!! So glad to see her improvements daily. Thanks for keeping us posted xoxo.


  10. The photos speak for themselves. Happy baby. Happy parents. That makes for happy blog followers as well. Awesome, frickin' awesome!

    Craig, Mona, Mia and Zak

  11. Hi baby girl! You look so happy, and that makes all of your fans happy as well! Keep up the good work little missy...we love you!! :) You sure are getting lots of love sent your way from all of your Purna peeps who are always thinking about you all!!
    Lots of Love,

  12. Wow - little Purna is the rebound kid! We are thrilled to see you all looking so happy, and your baby looks wonderful. We can see that she is doing well. Thanks for sending out the blog each day so we can all rejoice in her progress. Love to everyone. John and Scotty

  13. Wow! Huge improvements so quickly...thank God! Happy to see you are all doing well...way to go, Purna! Best wishes to all of you! The Lyford's