Thursday, July 22, 2010

Post Opp Purna

Well today was Purna's two week post opp appointment. The doctor said she looked really good. She came in and said well let's get the stiches cut out. Before she even finished her sentence Purna knew somthing was up and started to wine. I said she is not going to like this.... The doc says well she is going to be pissed either way so why do you leave, seeing in my face I was not going to like is any more then Purna. This is were daddy shines and mommy turns into a wimp. Daddy could not be with us tell tomorrow so grandma and grandpa took the lead on this one and I excused myself tell it was over. Not like Purna wants anymore doctors either but I'm so done. I know total wimp. Sorry Purna. My mom said she was more mad then in pain. As soon as they stoped she stoped crying. When I got back she was not crying just upset. I just can't take watching her in pain anymore even just a little. So they jut sniped the knots off the stiches and I'll just be pulling them out. She will be back in three months for another check up. I asked her about her eyes being tight and she said it will take a good two months to return to normal. The ligaments on the sides were cut so if she did not tack them up high and tight her eyes would be sagging. I knew all this I just wanted to hear it again. She already looks great so I'm happy!

We went to lunch after her appt and she fell fast asleep on grandpa chest. Then home for dinner and a bath. I took her on and evening walk since she is not going to sleep tell like 9 now.
Daddy will be back tomorrow so we are excited about that.

I will do another blog tomorrow of one photo for each day so we cam see in a row how each day she healed. I aslo want it for Purna's book I'm making. Then I will only be updating the blog a few times month. So check in now and again if you miss little Purna.

Joe and I want to thank all of you Purna followers so much for all you love an support. I'm sure you know how happy we are that our baby Purna is well one her way to a full recovery. Everyone of yours prayers and thoughts helped us get thew this experance. I had no idea when I started this blog that so many people would join us on this journey. We love our baby girl more than anything is this world and would of done anything for her not to have to of gone threw this. However we thank god everyday for her health and that there are amazing doctors and nurses in this world that dedicate their lives to medicine. I will not let a day go by now without looking at Purna and just saying thank you thank yo thank you.

Purna on her way to see the doctor...

Look how happy I am before my stiches were cut out. Doctor did a very good job. Look how happy mommy is the is the "Post" opp appt.

Look how much better my eyes are looking.

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  1. I have been reading everyday about sweet Purna's progress! You and Joe are soooo strong! Purna is so blessed to have you both! Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots of kisses to Purna from Olivia and me. We love you guys!

    Ali Russell

  2. So glad you decided to post this blog and photos. Purna is blessed to have such a great mommy and daddy. I'm so happy that she is healing so fast and I can't wait to see you guys and Purna Pie, she hasn't seen her boyfriend Mason in awhile. Thank God for such a speedy recovery!

    Lots of love,

  3. Yeah Purna! Great post-opp news! Now get back to Red Bluff in time to see my baby boy arrive. Safe travels to the three of you and I'm so happy this is all behind you.
    xoxo Elena

  4. Don't worry about leaving the room when the stitches were being cut! I would have done the exact same thing...this mama doesn't deal with that stuff well either! ;) Besides you have been a very brave mommy thus far and deserve a moment to step out...she had her grandma and grandpa so she was in good, loving hands! <3
    I'm glad Joe will be back with you today! I'm sure Purna missed her daddy!!
    I wish you guys a safe drive home and continued perfect healing for little missy!
    Love, Courtney

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! Both you and Purna look rested, happy and relieved that this is almost all behind you. I had to leave the room when they stitched up Tres' lip...actually they suggested it kind of like Purna's doctor!! I think they can see that look of fear in a mothers eye a mile away and say "get her out of here!!".
    Have a safe trip home. It will probably be surreal seeing that the last time you made the trip you were full of doubts, fear, sadness, etc. Now coming back home you will be full of relief and happiness. See you soon....Kristin

  6. Yay for Purna!!! Love the wiener dog PJs! I am so glad everything is going well. We think about you guys all the time and can't wait to see the lil stink bug crawl in person!

    The Bradleys

  7. Glad to hear and see that all is well I know you and your family are such amazing people and how hard this was on you...Your strenth shows in all your postings and how luck Purna is to have such loving people in her life...Life is so preciouse and we are all thankful that your little Purna is doing great...We are blessed to live in a place were we have access to medicine and hospitals, and that there are really great nurses Dr. and all different people in the medical fields that get families through difficult times everyday...I'm glad most of this journey is over for you and Purna, now let the good-times-roll...luv

  8. So happy to read your blog today! Purna looks wonderful ~ can't wait to see the pictures of her progress tomorrow! Have a safe trip home ~ God speed! Looovvvee you, Mari

  9. Hi... my name is Ellen Ozdych and I'm a friend of Meghan Aimoe. She sent me a link to your blog because my daughter Isabella has sagittal craniosynostosis (well, she hasn't been officially diagnosed by a neurosurgeon yet, but we're pretty sure). I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story (even though you didn't know you were sharing it with me) and to let you know that Purna is a beautiful and blessed little girl (as if you didn't know that already!). I'm not "freaked out" yet, but your blog did help me feel a little bit better about what's to come. I hope you and your beautiful family have had a terrific holiday and have a wonderful and blessed new year.

    Thank you again...