Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pretty Purna

Purna was a pretty happy girl today. She did stay home all day today. This was the first day in a bit she stayed home. Me however did get to go out to dinner with some friends. I got home at about 9:30 and as soon as the front door opened she started crying and woke up. She is only sleeping in her crib for about and hour or two then it's in bed with me. I'll work on getting her back in her crib when we get home. I don't think she ready to be crying for long periods of time yet. Joe went home yesterday for the week and will come back next week and get us. Were doing fine so he headed home to catch up on work.

So we had a bit of a set back today. Purna's cut is looking a bit red and a little infected. I called Purna's doctor and told her and she put her back on antibiotics for another ten days. She was only off them for one day and it flared up so back to it. She has to take these one 4 times a day and more each time. This is not going to make a happy Purna. I have been putting it in her food which is working great. So hopfully it will not look worse in the morning but the same or better. She does not need an infection in her head. We bought a triple antibiotic cream to go on top as well. She should be good in a day or two. That is not something you want to mess around with. You can kinda see the red in the pictures. Alot of her stiches are breaking now too. Hope that is ok.

I did give her one hit of the old tylenol today. It's just so hard to tell if she is just fussy or uncomfortable. Or she is fussing because she is uncomfortable.I usally go with uncomfortable just in case. But she has only been about once a day with that. She seems for the most part comfortable, unless you touch her head then she has somthing to say about it.

I feel like she might have put a little bit if weight back on. I need to weigh her again. It's like she lost muscle tone too. She just feels so petie went I hold her. I also saw some very noticable changes in her eyes today. The right eye on the inside is not beening pulled over so tight. Super suddel I know but I study her face all day. She just has now a little hint of her black eye left. When she shuts her eyes they look really pulled up and her eyelashes kinda flip up. Kinda like went we use to scotch tape are eyes up and then your lids sort of flips up... Or wait did anybody elese do that?

Four more days tell her post opp check up. I hope she passes. She will have to see the docs again in three months then in six months then once a year tell she is six years old. They really keep a close watch on their kids. There is a small percentage of kids that have to have a second surgery but I say no way! I don't think she would be one of them as long as all the healing goes as planed.

So Purna is still healing along and other than her cut getting red she is still doing great. She does already miss her daddy. She did wake up this morning saying dada. (and Im not making that up to make you feel bad Joe) I guess while daddy is gone I'll just have to turn her back into MOMMIES girl!! And I miss Joe too! Thanks all Purna's Peeps for checking in on her!

I'm telling you people gets some popcorn because this footage is just action packed. It dose however showcase her new word. If I was going to try to spell it it would be ..... Heda.... Kinda sounds like hey dad. Sorry Shelly no Degawls. I will try for that tomorrow.

YouTube Video

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  1. I love that you added video! I love to see her so excited and having fun!
    I think about you all so much throughout the day...I hope her infection heals quickly!
    Love and hugs to you all!

  2. Hopefully they gave you different antibiotics this time... stronger ones. Gotta get rid of those bugs!

  3. Modern technology is so amazing isn't it? Little Purna looks fantastic, and will only look better each day. God's Blessings on us are also amazing, we need to give thanks for every day. Hang in there Heather and keep up the good Mommying. Love ya, Trinette

  4. Here's to a great checkup on Wednesday! I know how sweet it will be when you get home and Purna gets back into her own crib! Relax, the week will go fast! Thinking of you every day. Love, JT & Mari