Saturday, July 10, 2010

Perfect Purna

The evening has gone pretty well. She still has the pukies but kept her meds down long enough to get them working. I'm thinking with all the meds it's got to be hard on a little belly. I think the stronger one is making her sick and have the runs, but better that then not running at all. She has nursed a few little times today but not super intrested and you can forget sold foods right now. She is for the most part feeling good I think. I'm hoping tomorrow she will start to eat more. I'm not worried about her getting dehydrated she is kinda like a camel storing water in it's hump but she got it all over. We are again tonight trading off holding her. She feels better being upright and just being held. It's alot more comfortable being home than the hospital trying to sleep while holding her. Surgery for Purna $300,000... (guessing, don't worry we have insurance) hospital copayment $50.... Seeing Joe crambed inside a hospital crib so his baby girl is sleeping sound....PRICLESS..
What ever it takes for her to be comfee. When she sleeps she feels no pain, so if that means my back hurts all night that's the least I can do.
When we got home tonight the frist thing I wanted to do is bath and her clean of all the hospital yuckies. I got in the tub with her and she quickly feel asleep on my chest and joe ran warm water down her back. Feeling her relaxed and comfortable was so great.

Earler this evening holding her in bed I cryed in the same place I did just four nights ago, where I cryed all night hoping I was doing the right thing by putting her through this. I cry now knowing it's over and no longer have to hope Im doing the right thing but know I did the right thing, as a parent for my baby girl. I know as a parent there are going to be many hard things I'm going to have to go through I just did not think this soon and this tramadic. I thank god every day for what he has giving me. My family, friends, Joe and now my perfect Purna.

This womens hands and brain are living proof that there is a higher power helping us live better lives.

Purna's surgen
Thank you Anne, we are forever greatful for you and are in awe of your gift to heal


  1. So glad that Purna is out of the hospital and you are at your mom & dad's! Hopefully, you will continue to get rested today. Thanks for posting the picture of Purna's surgeon. When I looked at what she accomplished on Purna's little head, I was absolutely amazed and overwhelmed with emotion at the same time. Anne was given an incredible gift by God and I'm sure that she will help many children during her lifetime! I hope that Purna gets to meet her when she grows up! Who knows ~ maybe Anne will be there to dance @ Purna's wedding! Love ya, Mar & JT

  2. You are all SO amazing! What a special family. You are very lucky to have one another. Good luck & take care! Hope to see you soon ;-) Love, Keri & Smith Family

  3. Thank you for posting updates. I check every day to see how you all are doing. Your story is so courageous and brings tears to my eyes. You have such strength, which I am sure Purna can feel which is helping her to heal. Hang in there. You are in our thoughts every day. Sending you positive healing energy.

    Love the Schnepfs