Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prostetic Purna

Well as you can all see we decided to get Purna some prostedic piggy tails. With all the public appearances she has been doing because she is feeling so good we did not want her to get a complex about her missing hair and scar. We just don't want her to become depend on the piggy tails, it's just to get her threw these first few weeks of healing. She is really happy about her new "Bebe Doo"...(thanks Jen)

One more great day for Purna. She is just more and more like her old self. She still get the case of the winnies here and there, expecially for diaper changes and at night when she is tired. She is enjoying her baths again which she was not for a while. Mainly because I have to wash her head really good and the stiches snag really easy. Alot of them are breaking now. It's healed pretty good at this point. Just those two little spots that are taking a bit longer to heal. Today was her last day of her antibotics which she is going to be very happy about. So were down to just tylenol as needed. Today she just had some early this morning like 6ish and was good all day. She did not even need some for night night. I'm guessing that her head must feel quite alright. Now we just need to keep her cut clean tell it's completly healed shut, which it's pretty darn close. Still amazes us every day how fast she is healing. The docs told us she would and eveybody I talked to is like "O babies are so resilant and heal so fast" and I'm thinking yea sure you just trying to make me feel better about what is about to happen. Well crazy they are right. I guess the docs have seen it a time or two. I was sure they were trying to pull the wool over my eyes. The only real problem were having is Purna not sleeping in her crib. Which is not really a problem in the big picture so she is doing super.

Today Purna went downtown to the Portland Red Cross to thank in person a very kind lady named Peggy who works there. Purna needed a blood transfusion in her sugery. We did somthing called a direct donation were my parents donated blood and it was used for her surgery. This was so we knew for sure what was going into my baby. She took a full unit of blood and they reclaimed her own blood and pumped it back into her. This is standard for this surgery. As we all know our heads bleed alot so they need to replace it. Anyways back to Peggy, it was kind of a confusing process to have done and it has to be done all within 7 days of the surgery so that dose not leave alot of room for confusion. I called the Red Cross not even knowing how or what I was asking for I just explain my situation to Peggy. Now there are people who are good at there jobs and that's just dandy.... But Peggy is the defenition of above and beyond the call of duty. I was not just a voice on the other line asking dumb questions to her I was the scared mom who's baby was about to have surgery and did not know what to do. She pretty much held mine and my parents had threw the who process to make sure there were no mistakes and the right procalls were met to get my parents blood to Purna surgery. Thank you Peggy.

There were just so many people that were a part of this process that see this thing every day. There were ones that just see it as another day at work and then there were ones that really see and feel it for what it was to "us". There was a kind ICU nurse John that knew this was the worst day of my life and was as concerd about me as Purna. He even took the time after we left ICU to come see us on another floor to check how we were doing. These are the type of people that make an experance like the one we just went threw that much easier. And it all counted I'll tell you. Somthing so simple to someone might mean the difference between mental break down or not. Thank you kind nurses I hope the kindness is returned to you some day.

Joe with Purna's piggy tails on

You can kinda see the plates on the side of her head. And a pretty forhead.

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  1. Well, I'm thinking that Peggy, from the Red Cross, and John, Purna's ICU nurse, are just Angels that God has on earth! Love Princess Purna's piggy tails! The picture of Joe is priceless! Won't be long until Purna's follow up appointment! I'm simply amazed at her progress! What a little warrior she is! Love to all, JT & Mar

  2. Who could have even imagined that a baby could heal as quickly as Purna has? It's nothing short of a miracle. The photos tell it all. Hey Joe I think you look cute in piggy tails! Hope you all have another wonderful day!

    XOXOXOXO's! Babs, E & E's Vine fans

  3. Oh you look so beautiful Purnie Pie - with or without your prostetic hair! I love seeing your happy little smile and hearing that you're finally kicking that drug problem you were developing. Keep taking care of your mom and dad and I can't wait for you to all get back home to RB so we can hug and kiss you ourselves.
    XoXo Elena & the Tomasetti clan

  4. Hey guys, I just love to read all of this good news about our little angels makes my heart happy to know that she is doing so well!
    As you know I have dealt with my share of nurses, hospitals, doctors...etc. and I will say that you are absolutely correct about the attitudes of some versus others! Some of those nurses and doctors are there for a job/paycheck are a number and as soon as you walk out the door you are forgotten and they are on their way to the next patient! And then there are those who are there for the nuturing, caring part of the job! I will tell you that you will not soon forget their names or faces. I still think about several of the nurses that I had the pleasure to deal with at UCSF and that was 10 years ago! Those are the angels that God brings us when we think we are at our limit and can't take any more...then through the door walks a living angel to come and reassure us that everything will be ok, and their caring, reassuring words really help us more than they will ever know!
    I hope you have another great day! Hugs to you all!

  5. wow I can't believe her!! amazing! Makayla asks everyday to see the new pic. and how she is doing!! J. Lewis

  6. Oh Heather and Joe it is so wonderful to watch the healing of your sweet little one. Purna is a vision - she is such a beauty. Love the piggies! We send you lots of love and hugs. The Shuford's

  7. I love Purna's piggy tails. They are so cute and don't at all look like she is wearing a wig. Good job Jenny!

    Heather, give yourself a break on the sleeping in the crip thing. Once you get home, you can have her back to her crib and sleep trained in three days so don't worry yourself over her sleeping with you guys. You have been through quite an ordeal and all of you deserve a little break.

    We miss you guys and can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks. Call whenever you can find the time.

    We love you, the Johnsons