Sunday, July 4, 2010

Early start on Tuesday

The hospital called today and I have to check Purna in at 6am Tuesday. I would think by 8 she should be in surgery. That is going to be a very long day. She will stay in ICU tell Wednesday and them move us to a private room. They say most babies go home by Saturday so that is what were hoping for. She is also going to have a blood transfusion. My parents are both a match for her so they donated blood last week for her. They also have a machine they will use to reclaim her own blod and put back into her. It's called a cell saver. Using her own blood is always the first best option.

I think we will take Purna to the zoo tomorrow. She can point and way at everything so I think she will enjoy that.

One day closer to this all being over...

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