Tuesday, July 6, 2010

These darn hospital robes

She is all checked in and suited up to party. We met with all the nurses and the anathesologist and our two doctors. They are all very kind and caring. Purna was waving and pointing at them.
I think she was thinking "I'm on to you people I may be a baby but I was not born yesterday". I walked her down the hallway and said by by. She had no problem going with them. I guess we need to work on stranger danger a bit more. They said she would only be awake for about 15 mins after she left me. They use gas to sleep her for the surgery. She is asleep before they do anything. The actual surgery should start in about two hours. The nurse said they will update me about every two hours. I will post again later when I have news. Thanks all
for your thoughts and prayers.

O and the good new is the binki went with her....

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  1. So now the long wait begins for you. We'll sending our prayers and will look for your next update on Purna's blog. I'm so happy that your mom and dad are there with you and Joe today. Aunt Mar

  2. We are praying for her this morning. She is such a beauty.

    Jenna Schnepf

  3. that little girl is so lucky to have you two as parents!! you guys are great. good luck today, i hope all goes smoothly.

    erin hartnett

  4. WOW! Purna is so lucky to have such caring and loving parents...you are both an inspiration! Love you guys!
    ~Courtney, Aaron, Evan, and Ryan

  5. Lord, please hold Purna and her parents in your hands today. We pray that you work through her surgeons hands to guide them in healing this little angel. Bring her family a comforted heart in knowing that you will protect and heal their little girl. Give Purna strength and let her little body enjoy a speedy painless recovery. In your loving name we pray, Lord. We love you Heather, Joe & Purna... Kelly & CJ Bartaldo

  6. Heather and Joe I can't imagine what your going through..Purna is so loved and blessed to have your strenth and support...she will do great..Much strenght to all of you while you wait my prayers are with you all day and always love..

  7. Hi from Portland. Just wanted to send our love and warm wishes to you guys and the little one. You're in our thoughts. OXOX

  8. You guys are in our thoughts today. We love you so much.
    -Bryce and Lindsay

  9. Missy, Josh, Keelie and SophiJuly 6, 2010 at 11:19 AM

    We love you Purna :) I hope everything went well and recovery is smooth and easy. We are thinking of you always, you too mommy and daddy. -the Carlucci's

  10. Joe, Heather and Purna,

    We are with you all in our thoughts and prayers. You daughter is so beautiful and we can't wait to meet her!

    Love to you all,

    Kurt, Amy & Elsa