Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Tiny Peepers

Well last night was again tuff. She vomited with any meds or milk. So we backed off that and just kept up with the moriphine. I don't think you can think of much worse than seeing your baby dry heve. She was not having it. Later this morning about 9 I was able to Brest feed her and she kept it down just fine. She also kept the Tylenol down we gave her after she ate. So the late morning has been great. The draining in her head has cut down to enough to get the tub pulled. We gave her morphine so she was comfortable when they pulled the tube. She cryed a bit but it was quite fast. After that was finished I got into bed with her and nursed her to sleep. She is on a milk and morphine cocktail for her afternoon nap. Needless to say she is comfee, who would not be. O I forgot the best part before she went to sleep she felt good enough to even stand and do some dancing waving and pointing!! I'm pretty sure the swelling has started to recede a bit now. She has tiny holes she can just see out of now. She was tracking Joe holding her binki so she can see a tiny bit. This is very good. I cleaned up the crusties in her eyes and I think that help. Crusties are never good,anywere. The doc did take the fluids in her IV down so this will also help with the swelling. We are also geting some talking out of her which is sweet music to our ears .

So well see how she does when she wakes up. We have a big day planed of changing her bed sheets,some wound care and I'm even thinking about changing my clothes but I'm not making any promises. We did get some sleep last night so that helped. Despite the pukies she did sleep all night. Joe and I traded sleeping next to her with one eye open on the monitors. Then the other person can fully check out.

This shot was taken this morning. Still looks bad but it's looking better than last night. Joe held her for a long time this morning so she really was content.

I'll post later with the rest of the days updates. I'm thinking it's going to be a "Postive Purna Post" hopfully with dancing and degawls.

Thanks again everybody for all you suport and words. We read all of them through out the day. They break the day up and are fun to read. Purna thanks you so much

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  1. Glad to see that Papa Joe is smiling! I'm excited to read a "POSITIVE PURNA POST" later today. You & Joe are awesome parents. Purna was very wise to choose you both! Love to all, Mari & JT

  2. She is still just as cute and adorable swollen or not. I've only met her once at Target with Joe and I'm in love with her already. We really need to get our families together when all is well. BBQ up at Sunrise. Addison would love a little buddy, I think they are only about a month apart. We continue to think and pray about Purna everyday. Thanks for the constant updates. Love, Brandon, Kasey, Brayden and Addison Williams.

  3. Heather and Joe, all I can say is YOU BOTH ROCK!! I just want to come through this computer screen and give you both great big bear hugs!!
    Loves to you all!

  4. Sweet baby are an inspiration to us all. Your strength and your mommy and daddys love is amazing. Thank you for letting us join you on this journey. I am working at my moms this week and we start our day with a Purna update which leaves us all in tears. You are surrounded by love. Be strong baby girl. Cant wait until you join us at Wacky Wednesdays again.....sending LOVE and big HUGS your way.
    -Kristin Morris

  5. Oh Heather! You two are amazing parents and she is so lucky to have you two waiting on her hand and foot. I haven't seen Jenni in awhile so I was unaware of what you all have been dealing with. I hope that you all get lots of rest and I will be sending healing thoughts your way. Take care of that precious baby girl and I will look forward to your updates. Wishing Purna a speedy recovery and lots of giggles coming from her soon!

    ~Krista Maffia

  6. Okay, the part about watching your baby dry heave made me loose it but as I was mopping up the tears I was glad to hear she kept down the boobie-milk... once again proving that 'breast really is best'... at least that's what Donovan says. Good luck and we can wait to see you guys once things calm down a bit!

  7. Awwesome is all I can say...Reading your posts made me cry and when my co-workers saw me crying they came over to my desk and I showed them and now there is not a dry eye in this damn place
    Vicky and the crew

  8. Wow, wow, oh my, wow. I can't believe what you guys are going through. But, it looks like much of the worst is falling behind you. Imagine how much stronger Purna will be once she makes it through all of this. Nothing will phase her in the future!

    Thank goodness you have each other. Stay strong for that amazing little girl. The Jordan 4 are sending our love and POSITIVE PURNA thoughts your way.

    ~ Dana

  9. Purna is such a little sport through this whole thing!! We are so happy to see that things are slowly but surely getting better. It's gotta be hard to see your baby girl in such a fragile state but like you said Heather it had to happen for her to get better. You two are awesome parents and are handling this whole thing so very, very well. We love you all!!!
    Gordon, Michelle, Erin, Krystal, and Sammie Jo

  10. Wow I am so happy that she is talking and pointing and even dancing! Unbelievable. Thanks for keeping all of us who don't want to overwhelm you updated- she is going to be one toughie with her beautiful family supporting her all the way throughout her life. Love you guys xoxo Mona

  11. Heather and Joe - John and I have read each and every amazing word that you have written and we are struck with so many emotions. The first emotion is obvious; we wish that none of this had to be. The next emotion is that of awe and amazement. The surgeons did amazing stuff, Purna was unbelievable in all that she endured. It is incredible how she is rebounding and showing her own little personality again. The word "amazing" has to be spelled with capital letters when we speak of Purna's mommy and daddy. Heather - you cannot imagine the high level of respect that we have for you. Again, we use the word amazement...and that is how we feel as we read your love letter about Purna, about Purna's journey and about Purna's victory. Heather, you were an incredible little girl and you are even more incredible as a young mother. You take our breath away with your poise and grace. Purna is indeed lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents and family. Your family is in our hearts, in our thoughts and in our prayers. We send you our love. John and Scotty Shuford

  12. Hey Cuz, hang in there and be strong parents, I know you will. You will get thru this and so will she and look at all the love and support you have around you !! WOW !! take care from your California cousins...Sean, Molly, Jack and Michael Griffin

  13. I had to check in. You are all in my thoughts. Frankie and I (yes really, even Frankie) have been praying for you all through out each day. What a journey you are taking. We look at Coop and can not imagine being in your shoes. We miss you guys and cna't wait for you to come back home. I think we have a date with a pool, a jumper, a beach ball and some babies. Take care - All our love, Jen, Frankie and the boys

  14. Dear Ho, Jo & Purnie Pie & Grammys, Grampys and family: We all start each day blinking back tears as we read your blogs and watch anxiously as Purnie Pie progresses through this whole ordeal. All of us are sending strengh and love your way. CAN YOU FEEL IT!!!! You are the best parents a baby could ever. All is well in the Lakeside Hood and Bonkers sends a big MEOOOOOOW OF LOVE TOO! Hang in there. Lots of XOXOXOs from Babs, E and your E's fan club.

  15. You're all troopers! You and Joe don't look overly puked and pooped on, so you're doing as well as Purna seems to be doing. Happy about the waving, dancing and degawls. So happy!

    Love you all, Miki'ala