Monday, July 12, 2010

Purrring Purna

This is my new favorite place to my daddy's arms..

Purna is did great today. Each day her time between taking her pain meds gets longer and longer. Today was the first day she need not need the "hard" stuff. Were just keeping the Tylenol going. She is getting back to her old self more and more. She is way more clingy than she use to be, but I don't blame her. She has turned into quit the daddy's girl as well. Joe is loving that.
She still has another two more days of her antibiotics left then she is good. Her cut is look pretty good. Still a bit poofy on one side but this is from the swelling not infection. They will clip all the stiches next Wednesday at her post opp apt. I will have to over time pull them all out. She will not take the doc pulling out 250 stiches without a serious fight. I think her body swelling is about 90 percent back to normal. Today her belly betton is finaly round. It has been a slit because her belly was so swollen tight. So I figure her tummy must be feeling better now too. No puke today so that's good. Her swelling in her face I would say is about 80 percent back to normal. The top of her eye lids are still pretty puffy. The brusing is looking great, its Allan little yellow on her head and starting to yellow on her eyes. So it's geting torward the end. Her feeties are still a bit chuby too.
She took her naps in her crib today so this was big step. She was not having it for bed time though. I'm just not nor is she ready to be crying in her crib if i cam help it. I know all the sleep training I did the other month is out the door but hopefully when we get home she will only take a few days to get back into it. I know how to do it now and so does she. Truth be told I like a good excuse to sleep with her agin. Even though we do get any sleep. Last night she slept have the night on Joes chest and the other snuggled into my side and boobies. You have to see so still and quite so we don't go waking her up.
We had another outing today to the grocery store and friends house. Im thinking people are going to think Joe and I beat our kid with her shiner and scar. She was just fine the whole time were out.

Her little body is just go go go on healing. It's just so nice to see those blue eyes back and her little gum smile. I just love my baby girl so much I can hardly take it.

Look how good my bruses look today.

More eyes showing today.

-look how round my forhead is

My cuts looking really good. Soon my hair will grow and you will never know!

Purna opening presents from a very very sweet and thoughtful lady, Scotty...

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  1. Your precious Purna is looking mighty fine! She's a trooper! Glad that she is able to take a few shopping trips and visit with friends! Take care of yourselves, get some rest, too! Love, Aunt Mari & Uncle JT

  2. Oh my godh! Purna is looking so great. She can see!!!! I am so glad this first week is over for all of you. Now you can look into the future with happiness and excitemant about what is around the next corner rather than with the dread of knowing her surgery is coming. I cannot imagine what you guys have been going through. I am brought to tears with every blog empathising eith you and thanking God for Slader and Reva's health. Way to go Purna! Love you guys. Shelly

  3. There's that beautiful baby girl! She looks great! That is so amazing. Have a wonderful day! Love, Keri

  4. There's those pretty blue eyes again!! She looks great! I can't believe that one week ago she was having her surgery....WOW! She's healing so well, and again I just can't get enough of that happy little smiling face!!
    Give those cheekies extra kisses for me too! ;)
    Love, Courtney

  5. Purna girl you are just too precious for words. We love watching you all through this process and we are in awe! Keep up the great recovery. It is a joy to see that smile and your pretty blue eyes. Kisses and hugs from the Shufords. We also send our love to the entire family.

  6. I wish I was in Portland. I miss my mini cousin!! :( I miss waking up to run and look at how well she looks each morning. So proud of Princess Purna!! xxoo

  7. Just got caught up on all the surgery and healing. So happy all is going well for Purna. I cannot believe how quickly she is healing. You guys are our heros. Way to stay strong, tender and loving. We hope all continues to go well and Purna heals up perfectly. Wish you all the best and wish we were closer... Love Tambrely kelley and family

  8. LOve seeing those big blue eyes today!!! She looks great. She will be home in no time. And Heather i am with you on having her sleep with you. It would be hard for me to pry myself from my child after going through all of this! Whatever makes her happy and comfy at this point. Little cutie pie. So glad to hear she is doing so well. She looks AWESOME!!
    Kristin Morris