Thursday, July 22, 2010

Progression Purna

Here is the progression from the day before surgery July 5 to today July 22.



July 6 (day of surgery)

July 7

July 8

July 9

July 10

July 11

July 12

July 13

July 14

July 15

July 16

July 17

July 18

July 19

July 20

July 21 (two week post opp apt)

July 22 (today)

As epic, beautiful and strong as the Annapurna Mountain herself...

We love you baby Annapurna Ruth Vine. You are the most amazing, strong and beautiful little girl. Your sweet little spirt fills our hearts with so much joy every day. You completly nourish our lifes to to fullest.

Post Opp Purna

Well today was Purna's two week post opp appointment. The doctor said she looked really good. She came in and said well let's get the stiches cut out. Before she even finished her sentence Purna knew somthing was up and started to wine. I said she is not going to like this.... The doc says well she is going to be pissed either way so why do you leave, seeing in my face I was not going to like is any more then Purna. This is were daddy shines and mommy turns into a wimp. Daddy could not be with us tell tomorrow so grandma and grandpa took the lead on this one and I excused myself tell it was over. Not like Purna wants anymore doctors either but I'm so done. I know total wimp. Sorry Purna. My mom said she was more mad then in pain. As soon as they stoped she stoped crying. When I got back she was not crying just upset. I just can't take watching her in pain anymore even just a little. So they jut sniped the knots off the stiches and I'll just be pulling them out. She will be back in three months for another check up. I asked her about her eyes being tight and she said it will take a good two months to return to normal. The ligaments on the sides were cut so if she did not tack them up high and tight her eyes would be sagging. I knew all this I just wanted to hear it again. She already looks great so I'm happy!

We went to lunch after her appt and she fell fast asleep on grandpa chest. Then home for dinner and a bath. I took her on and evening walk since she is not going to sleep tell like 9 now.
Daddy will be back tomorrow so we are excited about that.

I will do another blog tomorrow of one photo for each day so we cam see in a row how each day she healed. I aslo want it for Purna's book I'm making. Then I will only be updating the blog a few times month. So check in now and again if you miss little Purna.

Joe and I want to thank all of you Purna followers so much for all you love an support. I'm sure you know how happy we are that our baby Purna is well one her way to a full recovery. Everyone of yours prayers and thoughts helped us get thew this experance. I had no idea when I started this blog that so many people would join us on this journey. We love our baby girl more than anything is this world and would of done anything for her not to have to of gone threw this. However we thank god everyday for her health and that there are amazing doctors and nurses in this world that dedicate their lives to medicine. I will not let a day go by now without looking at Purna and just saying thank you thank yo thank you.

Purna on her way to see the doctor...

Look how happy I am before my stiches were cut out. Doctor did a very good job. Look how happy mommy is the is the "Post" opp appt.

Look how much better my eyes are looking.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Princess Purna

Well I think Purna is excited to show her doctor how well she has been healing the last two weeks. We made our thank you cards and a little gift baket for her two doctor tonight. Not that you can ever come close to thanking them enough but well give it a try. I did make them photo coffee mugs. For her plastic surgen I put the bone ct scan on there and for the nuero I put her brain scan on the mug. I bet that's going to be a first for them.

Purna felt pretty good today. We had some melt downs with some diaper changes but thats it. She hates hates to have her diaper changed. She never use to mind and now she does. Not sure why. I pulledl more stiches out of her head today. They are just breaking out. I'm really happy they are coming out tomorrow. That should be intresting cutting them out. This is were I need daddy. Let's see a face report, all visual brusing is gone. Her eyes still tight but getting better day by day. I will ask the doc tomorrow how long it will take to have them to were they will be. I'll let you all know so you don't loose sleep over it.
So I have said this before but all my family and friends have been so amazing to us. It has made this experance sooooo much easier to have all of you. I will pay if foward in the future, I promise.
Here are some more wonderful things Purna revived in the mail today.

A fabulous photo book of all our Red Bluff friends wishing Purna get well. So good to see everybody faces. Thanks so much Kristen that was so thoughtful and creative. We love it!!!!!!!!

Here is Purna opening her bulid a bear from Elena Chris Lilly and Bella.

Purna reading the instruction on what to do with her new cool "super Purna Power" bear. I think was looking for the power button.

Purna looking for her own cape and super hero mask in the box. They must of sent two?

Well she will just have to borrow the Purna Power bear's gear for a bit!

Hey somebody call for a super seedy recovery? That's me Purna!

Hey this mask fits my new forhead pretty good!

Cooz "E" for my bottel

Thanks Craig, Mona, Mia, and Zack. I love my blankets so much.