Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you there binkis, it's me Purna

Today went pretty good. She has been off her moriphine for most of the day. Just on Tylenol and a codine type of med. Which is still strong. The idea is to just use thoses meds for pain because this is what she will go home with. She did nurse about three times today. She tolorated the meds for most of the day tell her 6 o'clock dose. She vomited about a half our later. The meds must of got into her system because she fell asleep after so she was comfortable and it's 10 now and is still sleeping. She has not wanted to sleep in the bed all evening so daddy went through a few movies holding her. After her 11 oclock cocktail of about four meds and some nursing she is in a good solid sleep. The healing kind of sleep. So hopfully she can hold all that in for at least an hour to get into her system. Well I know the Tylenol will because that did not go in her mouth.. Sorry Purna... Since I'm giving you a play by play she had some dirty diapers too which is one of the requirements to get out of her.
She did have a good day for sure. I don't think she had to much pain. There was a little bit of dancing, jumping and waving. She would not be doing these things if she was in a lot of pain so this made me very happy. It's so very werid to have your baby over night change into a totally differnt baby visual and personality (because she dose not feel good) so when I see her little chuby finger point at things and degawl ( purnas patiented word she made up and says all the time), I see my amazing Purna pushing through this like a champ. I can tell she is trying her hardest. Luckily when she gets worked up she just reaches for huges and holding this seems to be the best medicine. She has most of her lines out so holding her is easier now. There has not really been much talk of when she can home but were thinking Saturday or Sunday. They said that today is usally the worst day and Purna just show this day who's boss! I think she will be much happier with the swelling down tomorrow. After they pulled the drain tube out the blood begains to drain down her face and the brusing begains. So she is less swollen in these shots but her eyes are starting to bruse. This means the next healing process so it's good. Her body is getting less tight as well. So over all she had a good day we just need to work on the pukies.
I'll let you all know tomorrow how the night and morning went. Thanks again for your great comments and texts.
Here are some shots of play time today.

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  1. Love you guys, glad I was able to spend some time with Purna, she is such an amazing and strong little girl, and she did show today who's boss, that's fantastic!! It'll just get better here on out. Looking forward to seeing you guys again, glad Purna likes her toys!!!

  2. Hi Joe & Heather,

    We tried to post yesterday and it didn't seem to work We have been following your blog and are so glad that the surgery went well for Purna. Purna seems to be getting stronger everyday and we know she is in great hands. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Devin, Kim, Tanner, Payton & Riley

  3. I know this isn't like a family Disneyland vacation, but this challenge, and the way your little family is going about it - with such love and humor, is heart-warming to everyone who loves you guys. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. I for one feel even closer to you all for it.

    Loves Peeps, Miki'ala

  4. And your boobs still look good even with puke and poop on them.

    :) Miki'ala

  5. Purna is a real trooper. Just want to give her lots of hugs & kisses ~ you'll have to do it for me! Hope that you get out of the hospital this weekend. Purna is planning the escape right now! You're marvelous parents to your little one! Take care of each other, like I need to tell you that! LOL!

    Love, Mari & JT

  6. Sounds like things are going well... I'll keep you guys in my prayers and will drink a beer (or 5) for you in Shasta next week!

    Jason, A.K.A. "LM"

  7. Heather, Joe and Purna, You guys look like one very loving family (and I am sure grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends are hidden around the corner)and it is no wonder why everyone is oozing joy and smiles, even through swollen eyes...

    Sarah Davidian

  8. Even with puffy eyes Purna is still the cutest baby in the world. And Joe always looks so calm, not sure why what would surprise me. Nice work Heather, cutiest baby and nicest Husband ever - high 5! Can't wait to see you all in the morning. Love you, and kisses to my adorable mini cousin. Chalene

  9. It sounds like Purna has an amazing spirit! I'm so glad that things are progressing as they should. I hope you all are able to go home soon!! Thanks for taking the time for the updates.
    Taylor Perin (Kash)

  10. I hope you and Joe are holding up ok I have a feeling this is harder on you two than on Baby Purna!

  11. honey...i am so happy to hear so much positive energy coming from you....this she feels...and it will help her to overcome today and the days to come...Thank God for you Joe and your family....this will give her what she needs to recover...Love you baby....think abd pray on an ongoing basis for you and yours.....

    Cathie Beard Herrington

  12. What a beautiful Baby you have there, and she's a lucky little girl to have you 2 for a mommy and daddy!
    I'm very happy that all went well!
    Jeri (Robyns mom)