Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting all better

Just spoke with the nurse in the room. All the bones are back in place and plates and screwed back on. They should be stiching her up about now. Said she doing great and going strong. The doctor should be out here by 2 to come talk with us. She has to still go and get a ct scan before they wake her up to double check everything. We should be with with her in the icu by 3ish. Most major scaries are over, just have to get threw the healing now. But at least I can hold her through all the rest of the process. I think I should be able to sweezz into her crib just fine. Thanks again everybody for checking in and keeping the love going. More to come later


  1. I bet you & Joe will be able to squeeze into her crib tonight! I'm glad that it's almost over for you & Joe. Purna has been sleeping all day ~ if only her parents could have been snoozing too! You'll be at your mom & dad's soon for her speedy recovery! Love you all, Mari

  2. Love you guys! My thoughts and prayers are with you now. Can't wait til you make it home :)


  3. Chris and I have happy tears in our eyes and are so glad to hear this news. She's such a strong little girl. She'll be up smiling and playing in no time.

    The Tomasetti's

  4. Your blogs bring tears to my eyes. I am sooo.. happy that little Purna is doing well. Have been praying for her and thinking about you and your family constantly. The love we feel as parents is like no other love, so unconditional and strong. I remember when Brayden was in ICU down at Sutter childrens Hospital after having all those seizures when he was a baby and I asked for a bed instead of a crib so I could hold him all night long. The hospital complied and it was the most wonderful feeling. Again, so happy to hear the news. Brandon, Kasey, Brayden, and Addison