Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Binki Brail

Well this afternoon has been the most challenging so far. She has Brest fed twice today but vomited it up about and hour later. She also puked up the pain meds so we just tried some new kinds. Were think moriphine for the night so she rest well and the pain stays under control. I do know she is hang in there when she doing binki managment ( this is switching between two diffent binkis like gum when the taste is gone). We held her most of the day when she was not sleeping. Joe and I are both coverd in puke and stink. You think Purna looks bad at lest she has a good excuse. Tomorrow should be another bad day with swelling but hopfully not vomitng and she can eat some more to get some strengh back. She should get her drain tube pulled out tomorrow as well which has been a source of pain. She has stop most of the bleeding in her head so this is good. Her cut/stiches is already looking great. We have to clean it five times day and put ontiment on it. It does not get dressed up it heals in the open air it which is nice.
Another day closer to her feeling better. This makes mama bear happy. Like I said before I would of done anything to of been able to do this for her, but this is her fight not mine. I think the hardest part about babies is they just don't know what or why this is happing. All she know is she has ouchies and can't see a dam thing. I have been singing to her all day ( this might make the pain worse) she reaches up and grabs my face to feel that it's me.. Or trying to cover my mouth so I'll stop. She really did like just being held today and so did I. This was the best part of the day for Joe and I.
This childrens hospital is a very humbling place to be I'll tell you. I just kiss my baby Purna on the big swollen forehead and say thank you for the most amazing perfect gift of my life.
Thank you for choosing us Purna..

And I would like to put a disclaimer in: I am a horriable speller/writer to begain with and then put no sleep, stress an typing on an iPhone.. Well you have all seen how that's turning out but I think you get the idea..

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  2. I'm impressed with all the iPhone updates!
    You're doing great.

  3. Heather & Joe, Thanks for the updates on Purna. Keep those binkies close by! Sending lots of love and prayers your way! Love ya, JT & Mari

  4. I have been following this and am so happy your baby girl is doing good. There is nothing worse than when your child is hurting and there's not alot that you can do. She feels your love and you are now on the road to a wonderful recovery. If you need anything please call me. Love to all of you.
    Vicky & Blaine

  5. So much love out to you guys---you're amazing. xoxo, Shawn

  6. You are doing awesome with your typing mommy! I have been very impressed that you can even see straight let alone type on your tiny little phone!! :) We are all just so thankful for all of these wonderful updates, and even more thankful that our little Purna-pie is doing so great!
    Purna sure is a lucky little girl to have such awesome parents and so many, many, many people who love and adore her so very much!! We are all sending love and hugs to all three of you!
    Courtney, Aaron, Evan, and Ryan

  7. Heather, among all your stress and sleepless days, you still manage to crack me up with your sense of humor. Under these times it's amazing you can pull it out, you are a strong and funny mommy! Love you! Even with the swelling, Purna's head looks great, you can really see what a great job they've done in thee recent pics. Love to my little mini cousin! xx chalene

  8. I'm so glad there's a procedure to help our little Purna. You are all doing so well. You even interjected humor into your blog posts! Love you all and am praying for a speedy recovery.

    Love, Miki'ala

  9. Honey...thinking of you on an ongoing basis and saying my prayers for you all....I am elated that things are going per the plan and that baby is seemingly managing her experience as best as possible. Thank God she will never remember this in the years to come and hopefully this will be the end of this type of dramatic happening in her life. If love could have healed her I know you would have Heather. Will continue to pray for a quick recovery for you all...

    Love, Cathie Beard

  10. Hang in there. Like Cathie said above, she will never remember any of this. They will only be your memories. We are thinking of you and your family everyday and praying you will all be home safely soon. Sending lots of loves to you, Joe, and Purna

  11. Thank you so much for the updates, I am checking up on all of you constantly!! We Love you all so much, tell Purna she is a strong, beautiful amazing little girl and we are so proud of her!

    Stay strong all your love and support is amazing I admire you and Joe ;-)

    Xoxoxo, The Molnar's

  12. Whoa....

    Later, you could put some of those pics on a t-shirt with a caption, "So, you think you're tough?". She could wear that to school when she's a teenager.

    Really, though, Purna is such a great little baby, and you are all showing such strength & character to get through this together. I truly wish you the best.


  13. Purna is such an awesome little fighter, I am so glad to hear she is doing a little better everyday..sending more Love & Prayers your way!!

  14. Love all the posts and the high spirited commentary mixed in is refreshing...You're quite the writer Heather.

    Hopefully future parents having to go through this same experience will be able to read your blogs so they can guide them and give them the strength you guys have.

    Purna is such a strong little baby girl! She definitely has 2 of the best people for the job by her side...God knew what he was doing when he paired you 3 up :)

    Thinking of you guys constantly...