Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Picking Purna

Well Purna was great today. We did some rose pruning in the back yard. However really not intrested in sleeping again. She is not wanting to go to be tell like ten. I'm not sure want the deal is but she is just on fire and wants to go crazy and play. So we played more cup and ball on the table. I wonder if it's her antibiotics? Who knows...

Her stiches are really breaking now. I even pulled a few out. They are just sticking up all over. I can't wait to get them cut out. I bet she can't either. She is defenently looking more like herself. Her eyes are still pulled kinda tight. You can't see her eyelids yet. A tiny bit on the left eye. I just really had no idea what to expect. They tell you things like what they are going to do but it's either to much info at once or you just don't get it. I know I said this before but it's very very strange to all of a sudden have your baby look different. I mean she is still the cutest thing ever.

I'm really trying to feed her alot. I think she has put back on a little weight. Or I'm just getting use to it. Not sure. There is almost no hint of brusing on her face anymore. Tomorrow will be two weeks. She is really back on track(other than the sleeping) for just two weeks. It's amazing.

Not alot to report today, just happy healing Purna. Here are her shots and video for the day.

Here is her new trick she learned while eating. All you parents I bet you have "never" seen this before. (ya right)

YouTube Video

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  1. I love the video! Too funny!! WOW! Just 2 weeks ago she was having her surgery! My gosh she is doing amazing...I know you are super proud of her, and all of her Purna peeps are super proud of her as well! :) I do have to say that I am so glad to see that those chubby cheekies are still nice and full because when I see you guys I am gonna give those squishy cheeks a big kiss! ;)
    I am just so impressed with how wonderfully she has done these past 2 weeks...she's a trooper that's for sure! PURNA POWER!! :)
    Have a fabulous day!
    Love, Courtney

  2. She's onto you Heather! She knows you're sneaking her medicine into her food so she's getting you back by spraying it on you. Can't wait to hear what her doctor's have to say today. Start packing...it's time to come home!

  3. Awwwww Purna Pie! You are looking so beautiful and healthy! I'm sure your daddy is missing you. Thanks so much for keeping us updated, Ho. We love you and can't wait to see both of you back at the Lakeside Hood.

    Love, Babs, E & E's Vine fans

  4. wow Heather. Purna looks beautiful!! love seeing her look like her pre surgery baby self - she just looks healthy! amazing job at making sure your princess heals perfectly! love you!

  5. Love the new video! Wait until you teach her to feed herself and then the fun really begins! She looks so healthy and beautiful. Cant wait to hear what the doctors said too...hopefully you will be on your way home soon.