Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Purna Surgery July 6th 2010

Most of you probably already know our baby Purna will be going into surgery on July 6th to have a reconstructive procedure on her skull.

Purna has Craniosynostosis of the right front coronal suture. If left untreated it can cause pressure on the brain and blindness. She is just as healthy and happy as can be right now, but it needs to be fixed when she is still young, the bones are still soft and not pushing on her brain. About 1 and 7000 babies have this and they do not know how it happens. She was born this way. The doctors at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland that are treating her do this type of surgery once a week and are very good at what they do. She will be in the hospital for a week in recovery and then we will go to my parents house in Portland for her to continue to heal untll her post opp two weeks later. I'm told that babies heal very well and quickly so that is what we are hoping for. I have a feeling I'm the one that will take longer to heal and get through it. I know all my friends and family will want to know the progress and updates on Purna so I have made her this blog to keep you all updated on her progress. I will try my best to keep it updated at least for the time we are gone from home. My Purna is a tuff little girl and I know she is going to do amazing getting through all this. All your prayers and thoughts will be so much appreciated.
Below is some more information on Craniosynostosis if you wan to know more about it.

Craniosynostosis Coronal Suture
The coronal suture is located on the side of the head and extends from the soft spot to an area just in front of the ear. It allows the forehead and the frontal lobe to grow and expand forward. When the suture closes prematurely, the condition is known as anterior plagiocephaly (play-gee-o-sef-a-lee). On the side of involvement, the following deformities develop: the forehead is recessed and flattened; the eye socket is elevated and tilted (know as vertical dystopia [verti-i-kel dis-toe-pee-uh]); the eyeball and eyelids protrude (proptosis [prop•to•sis]); the nose deviates to the opposite side; there’s deviation of the top of the head in relation to the face


  1. Purna will make it through just fine, she has the strength of her mom and dad and the same beauty that shines bright, I know that this is a very stressful and scary time but in the end it'll all be fantastic, she will heal quickly as will you. Purna couldn't have more amazing and wonderful parents as you and Joe, Purna, you and Joe are in my thoughts and prayers, I love you very much.

  2. Heather & Joe...We are all thinking about you and send our prayers...Everything will work out fine and in a year or so, you will look back and say it wasn't as big a deal as it seems right now.

  3. Purna is going to make it through this and recover just fine. I have no doubt she is a strong girl just like her mom and dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family through this trying time.


  4. Heather and Joe:
    Brandon and I will keep all three of you in our prayers. Especially for you – I’ll pray for strength and courage! We’ll think positive and encouraging thoughts for both the procedure and the recovery… We’ll look forward to seeing all three of you, and your smiley, happy faces real soon! All our love and support, Kate, Brandon and Macey

  5. Hey Heather and Joe, just saw this today. I had no idea what all had been going on with you guys. I will be thinking of you and wishing for only the best. We are expecting a baby boy in 3 weeks and can't even imagine what this must be like. Good luck and talk soon Beau

  6. Joe and Heather,
    You're some of the neatest people I know and little Ms. Purna will be the same. Neal and I will have many prayers for your little family throughout this process and will be here for anything you need :) I know this will be hard for all of you, but know that god has a plan, and I know that he will be there for you this coming week :)

    Love you guys!

  7. Frankie, the boys and I are praying for Purna. (Coop especially since he has big plans for her) We have no doubt that Purna will come through with flying colors, after all she is the product of you and Joe. Know that if you need anything at all Frankie and I are only a phone call away. We can't wait to welcome you home. Purna is beautiful and we feel blessed knowing she will grow up with Coop and the soon to be newest Tomasetti. May god bless you on your journey. Love you all!

  8. Joe you have always been an inspiration to me and a model of the man I hope to become in the future. Your willingness to put others needs before your own is a living example to all of us around you. I truly believe that that is why you where blessed with a beautiful, funny, & loving wife in Heather. Together you have blessed us all so much and brightened our lives with your daughter Annapurna. I have a feeling that Purna, just as both of you, will be a living example to all of us of how over coming adversity shows the true heart of a champion.

    I am always just a phone call away, and would love to do anything I can to assist you guys in anyway. Please don't hesitate to call, I owe you a lot!!


  9. I cant believe what your going through our hugs and kisses to Purna and all of you...know your strenth.... ..prayers and great thoughts going out to you..luv always kc

  10. Hey Heather and Joe,
    Know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Your sweet little Purna has great, strong genes and will pull through this. Have a safe trip and know that we will all be here waiting when you bring her home. Let me know if you need anything.

  11. Your positive outlook is what will help this beautiful baby heal. It sounds like she is in the best of care. All of my positive thoughts and prayers are with the three of you. Tonya Redamonti

  12. Hi Joe and Heather,
    What an absolute angel you have. God will take good care of her. My heart is with the three of you. You are strong and wonderfully amazing people whose love and positive natures will bring peace and security through this time for Purna and each other. Time will pass and you will be back out on that river trying to slow her down! You and Beautiful Purna are in my prayers. xo Wendy