Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"You would never notice"

Most people say to me " O I can't see anything wrong with her"
It is really hard to see unless I point it out. So I wanted to show all of you where it is most obvious to see. This is not an angle most of you see her at unless your me, who see her at "all" angles. This picture really show how her forehead is recessed and can be a tight squeeze on the brain, which has not happen but could if not fixed. She likes to look over her head because she has a range of site that most of us dont when we look up. With the suture being fused it pins that side of her face down flatting her forehead. It also it pulling her nose and eye up and to the right twisting her face. You can see this deviation in the CT scan below better. Her right eye is pulled up higher that the other so it always looks like she is giving you the stink eye. In the surgery procedure to spare you the yucky details they will remove her forehead and the bones above her eyes and reshape them and push them forward. The flatting will get pushed out on her forehead and on the top of her head. She will also get a little eye brown bone added. The other good eye will also be shaped to match the other side as well. After the bone shaping is done they will use plates and screws to put all of it back together. The plates and screw will dissolve in three years time. She will have wire permanently on some of the bones. She will have a scar in a zig zag from one ear to the other across the top of her head. That is my super dumbed down explanation of the surgery. Again she is getting this procedure done to relieve brain presser and possible blindness from pressure on the optical nerve. Its not just cosmetic. Just wanted to give you all a bit more information on what she is having done.

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  1. Thanks for the explanation! CRAZY!

    ~ Dana